No. 3089, Halifax County, NC

Photos of Halifax County, NC, which is ranked by the New York Times among the fifty hardest places to live in America.

When the New York Times published their ranking of the US counties, I had just finished a year teaching at William R Davie Middle School, in Halifax County. My experiences in Halifax County are an enormous part of the inspiration for this project.

I don’t really know how to write about the hopelessness I felt as a first year teacher in Halifax, or the anger I felt returning. I think it best, rather than trying to detail the problems here, that I point out a simple item for consideration:

Halifax County takes the time to groom the dirt around the sundial at the visitor center. Meanwhile, they leave desks, TVs, filing cabinets, books, printers, and other classroom supplies to rot inside a boarded up school. It might not be immediately obvious what one has to do with the other, but I find it disturbing that a city that pays attention to its dirt is unable to pay attention to the needs of its schools.

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